If you are struggling with your mental health and need assistance, Grounding Wire is here for you. Grounding Wire offers individual mental fitness programs and access to counseling through its corporate partners whether you can afford help or not



Grounding Wire partners with schools and after school programs to offer meaningful techniques to help adolescents cope with anxiety, social pressures, stress and other issues that challenge our mental health.

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On the job stress is common and can be debilitating for many. It can also impede productivity and lead to turnover. Let Grounding Wire destress your staff, help you increase morale and decrease turnover. Give us a call and learn more.

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Take a mental health test


Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition.



  • Corporate Mindfulness

  • Adolescent Programs

  • Adult programs

  • Present Mind Attention (PMA)

  • Destress Transformation

  • Cognitive re-training

  • Mental Health Therapy

  • Yoga and meditation 

  • Nutrition 

  • Martial Arts

  • Suicide Awareness

  • Fulfillment 360

  • Self Esteem Boosters



Committed to mental fitness and helping people live their best lives, Grounding Wire hosts weekly mind and body wellness events for optimum mental health fitness. Events include:

  • Mental Health Fairs

  • After school events

  • Corporate events

  • Suicide Awareness Annual Gala

  • Meditation and Yoga Retreats

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Grounding Wire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to help people strengthen their mental health to live their best lives.


By training others in the Get Grounded Technique and brining important and meaningful distinctions to every day life, we are able to improve the quality of life for those who participate in our programs. We are able to lower stress, increase peace of mind, remove anxieties, and help people find joy. Before and after every training, our trainers administer a mental assessment and measure our participants mental fitness. We are proud to report that our programs work and are impactful. 

By donating to Grounding Wire, you are helping others access these tools and techniques. You are helping individuals and families access impactful training that they would otherwise not be able to access or afford. You are also helping raise awareness for suicide and erasing the negative stigma associated with mental illness. The more light we shine, the brighter everything becomes.